Canine Cancer Centers coming soon to select cities in the United States.

Our plan is to transition our Canine Infusion Therapy from a proven treatment for people to a repeatable proven treatment for canine cancer at our Canine Cancer Centers.  We will launch our Canine Cancer Centers first in the United States. Canine Cancer Centers will be fully USP <800> compliant.

Projected treatment cost will be  18% to 25% less than typical chemotherapy drug treatments available now for treating cancer in dogs even though existing treatments have a poor prognosis after the treatment.

Why Dogs?

An estimated 6 million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  According to The Veterinary Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of death in 47% of dogs.

  • One out of every 4 dogs will get cancer. There are 87.9 million dogs just in the U.S.
  • With some breeds like Goldens, Boxers and German Shepherds, 75% of them will die of cancer.
  • Rates of cancer in dogs are epidemic. Millions of dog owners are desperate to save their dogs.


While chemotherapy is broadly considered one of the most effective approaches for cancer management, its greatest challenges, often leading to the failure of treatment, are multidrug proteins pumps (MDR).

Located on the surface of cancer stem cells — the only type of cancer cells that can metastasize – MDR’s are highly resistant to conventional chemo, acting as a kind of pump, siphoning out chemotherapy drugs from the cancer cell.

Through our treatment protocol, the MDRs can be disabled, allowing a very low dose (10%) of normal dose chemotherapy drugs to be used to penetrate the cancer stem cells and kill them.

Through our Infusion Therapy, the MDRs can be disabled so that chemotherapy drugs can get into the cancer stem cells and kill them. That small dose of Chemo drugs, normally 10% of a regular dose, can kill cancer cells during nutrients deprivation even after the cells have developed resistance to the same drugs at a higher dosages.

While the MDR’s are inhibited, the small dose of chemo drugs kills the cancer cells even after the cells have developed resistance to the same drugs at higher dosage.. With our infusion therapy, there is a short “time window” created in which the multi-drug resistant proteins don’t work and the small doses of Chemotherapy drugs are effective in killing the cancer stem cells.

The present costs of cancer treatments in dogs is very expensive and the owners still lose their dogs to cancer.

According to the American Pet Products Associationspending on cancer is one of the reasons Americans spent $17.07 billion in vet care in 2017, more than double the $7.1 billion in 2001.

And although there is pet health insurance, research shows that most pet owners, do not have it and tend to pay out of pocket for the treatment costs. Desperate to save their dogs, most dog owners will travel anywhere and spend what is needed to save their dog.

More than 70 owners of dogs stricken with lymphoma spent between $16,000 and $25,000 at North Carolina State University on bone marrow transplants.  “They paid out-of-pocket,” said Dr. Steve Suter, the veterinary oncologist who did the procedures and noted that the cure rate was about 33 percent. “They just came up with the money. They used their savings, refinanced their houses.”

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