With 1 out of every 4 dogs getting cancer, and with 65 million dogs in the US, there are a lot of dogs with cancer. An estimated 6 million dogs and nearly 6 million cats will be diagnosed with cancer this year. According to The Veterinary Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of death in 47% of dogs and 32% of cats.

We found a way to win the battle? We have a way that can kill cancer cells and gives HOPE!

We have a new treatment that effectively kills the cancer cells in dogs and with a low cost. It is called Canine Infusion Therapy. Canine Infusion Therapy comes from the simple revelation that cancer cells, unlike normal cells that use oxygen, rely other sources for energy.

Right now this treatment is only being used on people in China and through this treatment alone, full remission has been experienced in as few as six to eight weeks, even for patients, called “Terminal” and patients who were in stage four cancer at the beginning of the treatment. The treatment is very inexpensive compared to traditional protocols and it inflicts substantially fewer side effects than conventional chemotherapy

Phase 1: Establish for dogs, the proper protocol for this treatment.
The initial phase of the rollout of our Canine Infusion Therapy will involve trials to establish the dosages and number of treatments for dog. We know it works on people and we just need to fine-tune the frequency and dosage for dogs as compared to humans.

We want to initial do a dog trial with 20 dogs.

We are trying to raise $100,000 thru crowd funding to finish fine turning the protocol for the therapy with dogs. We also need the funds because we are not charging any of the owners to treat their dogs during these trials.

We are looking for 1000 people to get involved and each contribute $100 so we can raise the $100,000 needed for the trials.

Won’t you help us today and be ONE of the 1000.

By participating in this crowd funding, you are helping to bring a treatment for canine cancer into the mainstream so that all dogs could benefit from this potentially life saving treatment.

After the trials, we are looking to open our first two Centers. One in the Dallas Fort Worth area and one in Cleveland, Ohio area. Approximately 58% of the population of the U.S. can drive to most cities in Ohio in one day.  Future possible cities and locations for our Canine Cancer Centers will be Phoenix, West Palm Beach, Southern California, Northern California, Seattle, New England/NYC area, Atlanta, Tampa, and Denver.

And as an incentive for your contribution right now, everyone who helps us reach the first $100,000 mark will receive 4x the credit value for every dollar you contribute.

For example, if you contribute $200, you will have $800 of pre paid credit toward the treatment. The pre-paid credit is fully transferable to anyone.


Make a difference and be ONE of the 1000

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