We are looking to raise $100,000 to fund the study.  Through this crowdfunding we have already raised $17,000 and we have also received a generous contribution of $25,000 through the Great Dane Club of America’s Charitable Trust.  We still need $58,000 more to reach our $100,000 goal.

By participating in this crowd funding, you are helping to bring a treatment for canine cancer into the mainstream so that all dogs could benefit from this potentially life saving treatment. Once the trial is finished, we will open our first Canine Cancer Center.

And as an incentive for your contribution right now, everyone who helps us get to the first $100,000 mark will receive 4x the credit value for every dollar you contribute.

For example, contribute $200 and you will have $800 of pre paid credit toward the treatment. The prepaid credit is fully transferable so you can give it to anyone you want.

Make a difference today

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